Primers on detecting primordial gravity waves and cosmic inflation

First, Minute Physics takes a shot at explaining what the BICEP2 team actually found and how it relates to gravitational waves.  I think I’m going to have to watch this a second time to pick up everything.

And Ethan Siegel has an in-depth discussion of cosmic inflation at his Starts With A Bang site.

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11 Responses to Primers on detecting primordial gravity waves and cosmic inflation

  1. cool – I was planning to lok into this some… thanks!
    I’ll get back to it… Thanks Mike


      • Its been an area of interest since I looked into the big bang… always had a huge problem with there being a big bang for many reasons. One of the problems is this idea that the expansion seems to have begun as some form of substance that didn’t explode like any explosion would… it wasn’t described haphazardly enough for me to believe that everything formed into a fairly uniform expansion of matter forming in those first seconds… I am lately beginning to understand that maybe it did — its always interesting.

        Hope you have a terrific weekend Mike.

        ~ Eric.


        • I think one of the things that isn’t emphasized enough is that while there is plenty of evidence for the universe expanding out of a very hot dense state, no one really knows what caused it in the first place. There are lots of speculative theories, but nothing evident, at least not yet. So, when people ask, “how can everything just bang into existence?”, they should realize that scientists are asking the same question.

          You have a great weekend too Eric!


  2. Very cool! These videos are always awesome, especially for someone not well versed in science.


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