Last year, when the History Channel showed the Bible miniseries, it also premiered another show that aired immediately after it, Vikings.  Coming out at the same time as the other miniseries, I wasn't sure where this one would be going.  But it's a historical drama of the story of Ragnor Lodbrok and other Vikings in … Continue reading Vikings

Movie review: Ender’s Game

In his early career, I was enthralled by the works of Orson Scott Card.  He had the ability to create vivid phantasmagorical worlds with protagonists in agonizing situations that you couldn't have anything but sympathy for.  In college, I was in a science fiction book club, and accidentally received one of his books, 'Wryms'.  I … Continue reading Movie review: Ender’s Game

Religion is natural, science is hard

Conner Wood takes a look at Robert McCauley's book, 'Why Religion is Natural and Science is Not'. Robert McCauley, a philosopher and cognitive scientist at Emory University, thinks that religion is natural, but science isn’t. Such a claim could easily inspire all manner of outrage and uproar from both offended believers and irked scientists alike. But what … Continue reading Religion is natural, science is hard