Did “Cosmos” Pick the Wrong Hero?

As I suspected, there's consternation about Cosmos's highlighting of Giordano Bruno, and not all of it is coming from religious apologists. In Cosmos, Tyson does carefully say that Bruno was not a scientist, and instead describes that picture of infinite worlds as a “guess.” But Bruno was not guessing. He was advancing his own, heretical … Continue reading Did “Cosmos” Pick the Wrong Hero?

How Scientists Are Learning to Read Our Minds

An interesting, if at points disturbing, article which is an excerpt from Michio Kaku's book, 'The Future of the Mind'.  Kaku never fails to deliver wonder. Houdini believed that true telepathy was impossible. But science is proving Houdini wrong. Telepathy is now the subject of intense research at universities around the world where scientists have … Continue reading How Scientists Are Learning to Read Our Minds