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New NASA images highlight U.S. air quality improvement

As something of a balance against the environmental issues we’ve been discussing, here is an encouraging sign of progress: New NASA images highlight U.S. air quality improvement — ScienceDaily. Anyone living in a major U.S. city for the past decade may have … Continue reading

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Collapse: How Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed, a brief review

After my post the other day on what fields I thought someone needed to be familiar with for coming up with credible theories about why civilizations collapse, a number of people recommended I read Jared Diamond’s book, ‘Collapse‘.  I finished … Continue reading

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Cosmos and civilization collapse through climate change

So, this note might be met with skepticism, but I had no idea when I composed my Bronze Age collapse entry this weekend that Cosmos would discuss how climate change had affected various civilizations throughout history, notably the Akkadian empire … Continue reading

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Climate Efforts Falling Short, U.N. Panel Says

In the sobering news department: Delivering the latest stark news about climate change on Sunday, a United Nations panel warned that governments are not doing enough to avert profound risks in coming decades. But the experts found a silver lining: … Continue reading

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Global Warming for Beginners — Starts With A Bang! — Medium

Ethan Siegel on global warming.  If you are still a skeptic about global warming, please consider taking a few minutes to learn about it. If you had never heard of global warming before, how would you figure out whether it’s happening? … Continue reading

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Will civilization collapse in the coming decades?

Apparently, there is a NASA funded study which says so. If history is any guide, our civilization will eventually collapse.  Every other society in human history has ultimately done so: Sumer, Egypt, Rome, etc.  There’s no good reason to think … Continue reading

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xkcd: Land Mammals

It’s indeed true that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  (Click through for full sized version.) via xkcd: Land Mammals.

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Is Planet Earth Under New Management? : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR

A hundred million years from now, when we’re all dead and gone, a team of geologists will be digging in a field somewhere …and they will discover, buried in the rocks below, a thin layer of sediment — very thin, … Continue reading

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Here’s What These Record Low Temperatures Say About Global Warming

As the frigid polar vortex makes itself at home over a giant swath of the country, it’s also serving as fodder for all those equally unwelcome climate change deniers. Despite the fact that 97 percent of scientists agree that man-made … Continue reading

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RealClearScience – 5 Easy Tips for Denying Scientific Consensus

Faced with unfortunate facts or inconvenient truths? Tired of closing your eyes, sticking your fingers in your ears, and screaming \”LA LA LA LA LA LA?\” Well, simply read RealClearScience\’s handy guide for denying scientific consensus. It\’s 100% proven to … Continue reading

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