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What do you use to keep track of the blogs and sites that you follow?

I’m a big user of RSS feeds, and used to pretty much live in Google Reader before Google killed it.  In the months after GR was shut down, I tried a number of different RSS reading services including Feedly, AOL, … Continue reading

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As artificial intelligence grows, so do ethical concerns – SFGate

Now that Google is delving even deeper into artificial intelligence, the minds behind “Don’t be evil” might face real questions of right and wrong. This week the Mountain View search titan snatched up DeepMind, which develops artificial intelligence software. The price … Continue reading

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Huffington Post commenting policy

So, just before making the last post, I discovered that HuffPost had changed their commenting policy, now requiring that people reveal and verify their real names.  HuffPost had previously promised that they would grandfather older accounts out of this policy, … Continue reading

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