The mind / body dualism of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ This weekend, I watched the movie, 'Edge of Tomorrow', also known as 'Live. Die. Repeat.'  It's the latest in a common motif in science fiction and fantasy, the time loop story, where the hero repeats the same events over and over until they find a way to break out.  It's a concept that's been … Continue reading The mind / body dualism of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

Movie review: Ender’s Game

In his early career, I was enthralled by the works of Orson Scott Card.  He had the ability to create vivid phantasmagorical worlds with protagonists in agonizing situations that you couldn't have anything but sympathy for.  In college, I was in a science fiction book club, and accidentally received one of his books, 'Wryms'.  I … Continue reading Movie review: Ender’s Game