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As artificial intelligence grows, so do ethical concerns – SFGate

Now that Google is delving even deeper into artificial intelligence, the minds behind “Don’t be evil” might face real questions of right and¬†wrong. This week the Mountain View search titan snatched up DeepMind, which develops artificial intelligence software. The price … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence – What You Really Need to Know – Forbes

For those who started their careers in AI and left in disillusionment (Andrew Ng confessed to this, yet jumped back in) or data scientists today, the consensus is often that artificial intelligence is just a new fancy marketing term for … Continue reading

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Daniel Dennett on free will

Daniel Dennett has written a long paper on free will, specifically taking on Sam Harris’ book on the subject. ¬†Dennett is a compatiblist and uses arguments similar to the ones I used in describing this position and in the limitations … Continue reading

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