Daniel Dennett on free will

English: Daniel Dennett at the 17. Göttinger L...

Daniel Dennett (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daniel Dennett has written a long paper on free will, specifically taking on Sam Harris’ book on the subject.  Dennett is a compatiblist and uses arguments similar to the ones I used in describing this position and in the limitations of determinism.

Harris is aware of Dennett’s paper…

…so I’d think we’ll see a response at some point.

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2 Responses to Daniel Dennett on free will

  1. This is going to be fun stuff to read. Harris said right when his book came out, he may even say it in it, that Dennet wouldn’t agree with him and would write a counter argument. Going to read it now.


  2. Steve Morris says:

    This is a wonderfully lucid essay. It is long though – so far I am a quarter of the way through and agree with everything Dennet says.


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