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Does the Higgs boson actually exist?

I have to admit to wondering the same thing Nick talks about here.  Do any of these subatomic particles actually exist?  At least in the way we conventionally define “exist”?  We’re talking about entities that are sometimes a wave, sometimes … Continue reading

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Does the mind affect quantum mechanics?

Tom Hartsfield at Real Clear Science has a nice short piece that explains why your mind isn’t involved (at least not directly) in what happens in quantum mechanics: Does the Mind Affect Quantum Mechanics? | RealClearScience. Every measurement that you can … Continue reading

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Sean Carroll makes the case for the Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics

Sean Carroll has posted a passionate defense of the Many-world interpretation to quantum mechanics. I have often talked about the Many-Worlds or Everett approach to quantum mechanics — here’s an explanatory video, an excerpt from From Eternity to Here, and slides from a talk. But I don’t think I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Quantum computing 101with D-Wave’s Vern Brownell

I found this to be an interesting primer on quantum computing.  One take away for me is that quantum processors will be useful for specific purposes, not necessarily as general purpose devices.  This implies to me that we might someday have … Continue reading

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Fluid tests and quantum reality

The other day, I mentioned that I had some sympathy for the deBroglie-Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics, namely an interpretation that there isn’t a wave-function collapse as envisioned by the standard Copenhagen interpretation, but a particle that always exists but is … Continue reading

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A debate on quantum mechanics interpretations

“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” –Niels Bohr “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.”  –Richard Feynman Quantum mechanics are utterly bizarre.  Quantum particles behave like spread out waves, until … Continue reading

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Quantum twist could kill off the multiverse, and Boltzmann brains

THE multiverse is dead, long live the multiverse. A radical new way of looking at quantum mechanics suggests that even the multiverse will come to an end. A popular view of the multiverse says that our universe is just one … Continue reading

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Primers on detecting primordial gravity waves and cosmic inflation

First, Minute Physics takes a shot at explaining what the BICEP2 team actually found and how it relates to gravitational waves.  I think I’m going to have to watch this a second time to pick up everything. And Ethan Siegel … Continue reading

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First Direct Evidence of Cosmic Inflation – SpaceRef

Wow!  There were lots of rumors about this over the weekend.  Turns out that, in this case, the rumors were spot on. Almost 14 billion years ago, the universe we inhabit burst into existence in an extraordinary event that initiated … Continue reading

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When Classical Universes Collide, The Result is Quantum Mechanics, Say Physicists

I shared this on Twitter, but it occurred to me that, although I didn’t have any particular comment to make on it, many of my non-Twitter readers might find it interesting. The strange behaviour of the quantum world is direct … Continue reading

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