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Why you can’t use quantum entanglement for faster than light communication

Albert Einstein, with his theory of special relativity, established that the speed of light is the absolute speed limit of the universe.  A rocket ship attempting to accelerate to the speed of light encounters some well known effects: time dilation, … Continue reading

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Why faster than light travel is inevitably also time travel

I’ve always loved space opera, but when I was growing up, as I learned more about science, I discovered that a lot of the tropes in space opera are problematic.  Space operas, to tell adventure stories among the stars, often … Continue reading

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Nick Lucid on mass and energy

I’m a bit busy today, but thought I’d leave you with this Science Asylum video on the difference between mass and energy.  (Hint: there isn’t any.)  

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How fast are you moving? It’s all relative

Er, well, most of it is, as this video explains. h/t a testament of sentience

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