How fast are you moving? It’s all relative

Er, well, most of it is, as this video explains.

h/t a testament of sentience

2 thoughts on “How fast are you moving? It’s all relative

  1. It’s also important to note that the universe is expanding and at an accelerating rate due to dark energy. Yet another factor to consider when pondering how fast you’re moving.


    1. Good point. For every 3.26 million light years, the distance between us and distant galaxies is increasing at around 70 kilometers per second. The further away, the faster. The oldest galaxies that can be seen are moving away from us (relative to us) at almost the speed of light.

      Galaxies beyond our cosmological horizon are moving away faster than the speed of light (again relative to us). Their light will never reach us. We are causally disconnected from them.


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