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Sean Carroll makes the case for the Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics

Sean Carroll has posted a passionate defense of the Many-world interpretation to quantum mechanics. I have often talked about the Many-Worlds or Everett approach to quantum mechanics — here’s an explanatory video, an excerpt from From Eternity to Here, and slides from a talk. But I don’t think I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Quantum twist could kill off the multiverse, and Boltzmann brains

THE multiverse is dead, long live the multiverse. A radical new way of looking at quantum mechanics suggests that even the multiverse will come to an end. A popular view of the multiverse says that our universe is just one … Continue reading

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Science and naturalism

Sean Carroll has an interesting piece at The Stone on the New York Times site, pointing out that the theory of cosmic inflation was motivated by naturalism.  In other words, it was motivated by the desire to find a natural explanation … Continue reading

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Rationally Speaking: Is information physical? And what does that mean?

I’ve been reading for a while now Jim Baggott’s Farewell to Reality: How Modern Physics Has Betrayed the Search for Scientific Truth, a fascinating tour through cutting edge theoretical physics, led by someone with a physics background and a healthy … Continue reading

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Falsifiability is useful, but a matter of judgment

Our discussions last week on Jim Baggott’s book, ‘Farewell to Reality’, and Sean Carroll’s Edge response, left me pondering falsifiability, the idea that theories should be falsifiable in order to be considered science. Falsifiability is a criteria identified by the … Continue reading

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