Babies Have Self-Awareness From The Minute They’re Born (STUDY)

Babies Have Self-Awareness From The Minute They’re Born (STUDY).

This is a significant discovery.  Previously it wasn’t thought that babies had self awareness until around 18 months.  More evidence that our brains come with a lot of preprogramming, that we are not born blank slates.

It also calls into question the previous gold standard of self awareness, which was the mirror test.  If that test is really more about intelligence then self awareness, as seems more likely now, then a lot more animals may be self aware than are currently thought.


4 thoughts on “Babies Have Self-Awareness From The Minute They’re Born (STUDY)

  1. I trust that research may eventually enter into the womb and surprise — the calculations for becoming are occurring. The mind is forming and consciousness is — at some point — occurring even in the womb.
    ~ Eric


  2. The thing is, at least for me, no one could tell me that my son was not self aware. Even at a certain point when he was still inside me, I did not think he wasn’t self aware. From the second I could feel him moving toward the sound of my heart and my voice, I knew he was a person who desired comfort; and therefore, self aware.


  3. Eric,
    You’re probably right, although who knows how long it’ll be before they can do that. The key thing will be establishing when self awareness, or even just awareness, begins.
    BTW, thanks for the reblog!

    I can understand that, although I’m not sure it’s yet established that a desire for comfort, which many pets may also exhibit, necessarily implies self awareness.


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