Eat crow if you think I’m a bird-brain

From Science Daily:

Scientists have long suspected that corvids — the family of birds including ravens, crows and magpies — are highly intelligent. Now, Tübingen neurobiologists Lena Veit und Professor Andreas Nieder have demonstrated how the brains of crows produce intelligent behavior when the birds have to make strategic decisions. Their results are published in the latest edition of Nature Communications.

Eat crow if you think I’m a bird-brain.

Crows are often forgotten when listing intelligent animals, but they’re surprisingly smart, showing that absolute brain size doesn’t matter that much.  The intelligence of crows, octopuses, dolphins, whales, and elephants, makes me sometimes ponder how lucky us primates were to be on the evolutionary tree with the anatomy necessary for manipulating our environment, allowing us to eventually evolve into our civilization building selves.


7 thoughts on “Eat crow if you think I’m a bird-brain

          1. Da nada! It’s a great book–It seemed like the non-fiction version of my scifi book-Corvus Rising-

            It confirmed a thought I’ve been having for the past few years–that we have largely misunderstood ALL the animals (and plants) They’re all more aware, more intelligent, more emotional than we humans have ever noticed.


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