Reinstalling Eden : Nature : Nature Publishing Group

Eve, I call her. She awakes, wondering where she is and how she got there. She admires the beauty of the island. She cracks a coconut, drinks its juice and tastes its flesh. Her cognitive skills, her range of emotions, the richness of her sensory experiences, all rival my own. She thinks about where she will sleep when the Sun sets.

The Institute has finally done it: human consciousness on a computer. Eve lives! With a few mouse clicks, I give her a mate, Adam. I watch them explore their simulated paradise. I watch them fall in love.

Reinstalling Eden : Nature : Nature Publishing Group.

6 thoughts on “Reinstalling Eden : Nature : Nature Publishing Group

        1. Interesting. I subscribed to their fiction feed, but I’m struck by the observation the Verge article makes about how different the world is now from when the magazine ran. Anyone can write a short story now and publish it, and if they think it’s good, sell it on Amazon for 99 cents and keep most of the revenue. It’ll be interesting to see if Omni Rebooted can succeed.


    1. Good question. The idea that we might is called the Simulation Hypothesis. There are people claiming to have found a way to test the hypothesis. My view is that we can try testing it, but we could never conclusively disprove it, only (possibly) prove it, since we can’t know how complete the simulation might be, or how freely it might allow us to investigate it.


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