Rationally Speaking: Rationally Speaking cartoon: Evidence & Reason

via Rationally Speaking: Rationally Speaking cartoon: Evidence & Reason.

Click through to see a enlarged version.

This succinctly mirrors my earlier comments on a post Massimo made a while back expressing frustration on a relative’s unwillingness to see logic.  Sometimes the logical thing to do is to recognize that logic won’t work.

5 thoughts on “Rationally Speaking: Rationally Speaking cartoon: Evidence & Reason

  1. Shades of ‘Neuroexistentialism’, Flanagan/Barack 2010, and their “delicious question”:

    “The worry, the rub, for the naturalist is this: We philosophers,
    beginning in Epistemology 101, teach that “One ought not have
    false beliefs.” But in Psychology 101 the students learn: “If you
    want to be happy for the rest of your life – have false beliefs!””

    … and a bit more on essentialism(last 2 paragraphs):

    ‘Q&A: Why It’s Sometimes Rational to Be Irrational’


    1. Wow, I hadn’t thought about that Star Trek episode in years. Now I many have to watch it tonight.

      “It turns out a lot of skeptics don’t like hearing that they aren’t as rational as they think they are. They also don’t like hearing that there are some benefits to irrationality.”
      LOLS, too true.


      1. No worries – I’d also meant to comment on that articles and your observations effect of setting the gears of my imagination in motion – may have to reread both just before going to bed.


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