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Philosopher Anders Sandberg does not accept death as a foregone conclusion. According to him it will become possible this century to upload your mind into a computer. He is a member of a small group that calls itself the transhumanists. TRANSHUMAN is a short documentary film by director Titus Nachbauer. It is about radical life extension and future technology that might change the human condition.

via TRANSHUMAN – Do you want to live forever? | Machines Like Us.

Somewhat along the lines of my post this morning on singularity assumptions, this documentary on a few transhumanists is interesting, although the pacing is a bit pokey.  These folks are a bit more grounded, although Sandberg implicitly made the second assumption I questioned, about having unlimited processing capacity.

Indeed, I think it’s possible to be a transhumanist, believing in humanity taking control of its own evolution, without necessarily being a singulatarian in the sense of believing in an imminent sudden rapture like event.

4 thoughts on “TRANSHUMAN – Do you want to live forever? | Machines Like Us

  1. I been looking into humans taking control of evolution for some time. There is already progress to being able to alter DNA, being capable to map language in brains and connecting brain signals to various devices and systems. So, future people may be cyborgs and / or possibly make use of DNA from other species. Its a strange new world that is on the horizon for biology, genetics, chemistry, physics and so on for humans and other species – including possibly plants and computer evolutions – a brave new world indeed it is.


    1. Interesting. Not sure if I’ve heard of all of that yet. Too much happening on too many different fronts. Brave new world is right!

      Of course, anyone who wears glasses, has a pacemaker, or has a cochlear hearing implant is already a cyborg. So, in some ways, we’re already there.


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