The Scale of Universe

This interactive model showing the relative scales of the very small and very large has been around for a while, but is still pretty amazing! Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it before. (Warning: it’s somewhat CPU intensive, so not sure how well it would work on a phone or other mobile device.)

h/t  High on Science & Tech – H.O.S.T

Sharma Ka Karma

An interesting & actual description of the scale of this Universe we live in.

Don’t be surprised if it leaves you amazed, humble, scared, insignificant, fortunate, perplexed, confused….& numerous UN-named feelings.

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3 thoughts on “The Scale of Universe

    1. I love this kind of stuff. It puts things in perspective. It’s easy to conflate scales in the very small or in the very big (since they are way outside of any human perception) and something like this shows the orders of magnitude difference between, say, cells and subatomic particles, or the orders of magnitude difference between solar system distances and interstellar ones.


      1. Yes, it does, this kind of graphic and, for me, things like the timeline post a few down – it’s so incredibly easy to get locked into a human/day-to-day size/time scale perspective because that’s where we live.

        This infographic goes way beyond the range of biological life, roughly bacteria and amoebas to blue whales, that never fails to amaze me!


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