Interview of Ara Norenzayan on Inquiring Minds podcast

Brihadeshwara Temple
Brihadeshwara Temple (Photo credit: vishwaant)

As I mentioned before, I have a big backlog of podcasts that I’m working through on my lunch walks.  Many of you have probably already heard this, but just in case you haven’t:

If you enjoyed my review of Ara Norenzayan’s book, ‘Big Gods‘, then you’ll probably also enjoy this interview of him by Chris Mooney on the Inquiring Minds podcast.  Atheist activists who happen to also be libertarians in particular might want to listen to it.  You’ll know why as soon as you see the title.

iTunes users can also get it here.

2 thoughts on “Interview of Ara Norenzayan on Inquiring Minds podcast

  1. Thanks ‘SAP’, good article/interview:

    “… perhaps they should focus less on trying to convince people that God doesn’t exist, and more on bettering people’s lives all around them.”


    … and led me to:

    ‘Top UBC psychologist uncovers roots of religion – and himself’

    (some good links in the above too)

    I’ve got to get some reading done so I can get to ‘The Evolution of God’ and ‘Big Gods’. I have finally started ‘The Righteous Mind’ in earnest.


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