SMBC: Momentary molecular arrangements

Today’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is too relevant to this blog’s conversations for me to pass up calling your attention to it.  Click through to see the full size version.

via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

2 thoughts on “SMBC: Momentary molecular arrangements

  1. LOL …

    Just came across these in My New Scientist available articles:

    ‘Mind transfer: human brains in different materials’

    It may be old news as it’s dated Nov 2012, but thought I’d pass it on. Also from 2012:

    ‘Farmerbots: a new industrial revolution’

    Almost done with ‘Righteous Mind’ and it’s been a while so I’ll mention ‘Who’s In Charge?’ 🙂


    1. Thanks! I’m currently reading Charlie Stross’s ‘Saturn’s Children’, which is about a robot civilization after the extinction of humanity. It’s fiction, but like all good science fiction, it’s essentially a thought experiment, in this case how an artificial-life society might function.


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