The Sniper – Existential Comics

The profound thoughts of a sniper.  Click through to read the whole thing.

via The Sniper – Existential Comics.


5 thoughts on “The Sniper – Existential Comics

  1. I love mantids – fascinating creatures to observe especially since sightings are somewhat rare for me at least. Anyway, the comment is just an excuse to pass on a couple of the more interesting things I’ve read lately …

    ‘The Fracture Of An Illusion: Science And The Dissolution Of Religion’, Boyer 2010

    Click to access The%20Fracture%20of%20An%20Illusion.pdf

    ‘Religion is More Than Belief: What Evolutionary Theories of Religion Tell Us about Religious Commitments’, Sosis & Kiper (in press)

    Click to access Religion_is_more_thanbelief_SosisKiper.pdf

    ‘Conscious and Unconscious: Toward an Integrative Understanding of Human Mental Life and Action’, Baumeister & Bargh (in press)

    Click to access Baumeister%20&%20Bargh%20-%20Conscious%20and%20unconscious,%20toward%20an%20integrative%20understanding%20of%20human%20life%20and%20action.pdf

    … just in case your reading list is getting short 🙂


    1. Thanks! Awesome stuff, as always. The Boyer book looks particularly interesting. I read a few parts and will have to swing back and try to take in the whole thing. The whole guild cartel paradigm he describes is interesting.

      I’m currently reading Bart Ehrman’s ‘How Jesus Became God’, and hope to have a write up soon. My allergies have been killing me over the last week or so, so reading (and blogging) have been heavily curtailed.


      1. Prematurely arthritic knees here(I severely abused them for a couple of years) so I can most assuredly appreciate how distracting physical discomfort can be, especially if your symptoms include any breathing difficulty as there isn’t anything much more fundamental to life itself – now that I think about it, I probably need one more scotch before bedtime(not that I recommend it as a cure-all by any means 🙂


        1. Ugh. That doesn’t sound like fun. I have friends with arthritis and from what I see them go through, you have my full sympathies. My only problem along those lines is a bad shoulder that I messed up somewhere along the line.

          I’m lucky with allergies, as they’re seasonal. Once summer heat settles in, my symptoms usually recede. But until then I’m useless, unless medicated then I’m stoned and only marginally useless 🙂


          1. I just wore the cartilage down through overuse – could be a lot worse.

            “stoned and only marginally useless” – LOL … OL


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