Twelve Angry Philosophers – Existential Comics

Click through for full version. continued at Twelve Angry Philosophers - Existential Comics. I think the final panels in the full version represent the end result of most philosophical debates.  Not that we shouldn't have those debates, but we should be conscious of the fact that many philosophical problems have no authoritative answer.  Some, and this … Continue reading Twelve Angry Philosophers – Existential Comics

Zombies discussing philosophical zombies

Click through for full sized version, and philosophical explanation if you're not familiar with David Chalmer's and Daniel Dennett's positions on philosophical zombies. Philosophy Humans - Existential Comics. I can't say I've ever been too impressed with the idea of a philosophical zombie.  I could see maybe a zombie existing that behaves identically to a … Continue reading Zombies discussing philosophical zombies

Philosophy Tech Support

(Click through for the rest, and for a caption explaining the philosophy referenced.) via Philosophy Tech Support - Existential Comics. Does philosophy have a responsibility to be relevant to real world problems?  This is a question often asked of science.  I think the answer is complicated, because we never know where a real world solution might … Continue reading Philosophy Tech Support

A Dialog on Happiness – Existential Comics

What is happiness?  I think anyone who has ever given the question serious thought realizes that there is no one simple answer. Click though for the full version. via A Dialog on Happiness - Existential Comics. I would say that Amencia's first example is defective though.  If the man hooked up to the machine is watching … Continue reading A Dialog on Happiness – Existential Comics

Two Brothers – Existential Comics

Existential comics explores a common truth about life.  Click through for the full version. via Two Brothers - Existential Comics. It took me a long time to recognize the truth this comic explores.  Whatever path in life we choose, we'll always wonder what could have been.  And we'll always feel some regret for missing out on that … Continue reading Two Brothers – Existential Comics