How to divide up the wealth

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via Buried Treasure – Existential Comics.

If you don’t know much about these guys, Marx wants to divide up in the communist manner, Rawls wants you to evaluate societal rules as if you don’t know what your role in society will be (i.e. rich, poor, etc), Hobbes wants to talk about the social contract you agreed to by being a member of that society, and Rand  basically just wants everyone to look out for themselves.

7 thoughts on “How to divide up the wealth

      1. I couldn’t get past the first paragraph. But I did manage to finish the movie, and John Galt just turns out to be a guy, an individualist. I was hoping he was no one at all, or something more mysterious…like the Wizard of Oz. But no. Just some bloke.

        I guess you could give him some god-like characteristics if you wanted to be generous, but I don’t want to be generous, not to Ayn Rand.

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  1. John Rawls specifically stated that his ethical theory would put knowledge about the general world in front of the veil, so Marx’s complaint about wealth inequality would be known. What I am saying is that Rawls would not have necessarily disagreed with Marx on that presumption.


  2. The problem with any discussion like this is that it assumes that “wealth” is a pile of money sitting in a chest and the question is how to divide it. Wealth is nothing of the kind.


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