The psychology of your future self

Somewhat related to Zach Weiner’s cartoon on our continuing death, this TED talk looks at how transitory the self actually is.  We seem to have no problem recognizing our transitory our self from ten years ago was, but not how much our current self is.  This has big implications for how we make, or should make, life decisions.


2 thoughts on “The psychology of your future self

  1. Thanks ‘SAP’, Gilbert has collaborated extensively with Timothy Wilson(‘Strangers to Ourselves’) in research on affective forecasting – looks like lots of interest at:

    … including the paper his presentation is based on, ‘The end of history illusion’, Quoidbach, Gilbert & Wilson 2013. I should have gone into psychology – loved my college intro course. It does make for an interesting hobby though – fascinating stuff!


    1. Thanks, and cool link! You do seem to have a strong interest in psychology. It’s never too late to go into a field. (I’ve myself thought about getting a PhD in something once I retire. However, I don’t really find any one subject fascinating long enough.)

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