xkcd: Surface areas in the solar system

My initial reaction to this was, where are the gas giants?  Then I woke up and realized this was about definable surfaces.  (Click through for full sized version.)

Note the tiny size of Pluto in relation to moons like The Moon and Titan.  However, note also Mercury’s size in relation to many of those moons.  Hence the ongoing controversy.

via xkcd: Surface Area.

2 thoughts on “xkcd: Surface areas in the solar system

  1. Oh, man, the gas giants. I remember a crazy awesome discussion a while back of what it would be like if you somehow build a giant self-repairing shell out of “unobtainium” and spread it around a Jupiter-sized gas giant in a star’s habitable . . . then added all kinds of materials to make the surface Earth-like. It’d be nuts.


    1. That’s interesting. I assume it being made out of “unobtainium” would insure that it wouldn’t fracture, but it seems like the quakes from the shell drifting into the planet and being buffeted by the planet’s storms would be intense. Coupled with the high gravity, it doesn’t sound like too inviting a place.


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