xkcd: California drought

I’m reminded of Jared Diamond’s point in his book ‘Collapse’ about Montana, that if it were an independent civilization with the same environmental problems, not integrated with the rest of the United State, that it might have already collapsed.  Seeing this about California’s drought, it’s tempting to wonder the same thing about them, or the southwest in general.

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via xkcd: California.

One thought on “xkcd: California drought

  1. Michael
    (eth) of course in all this is a deeper intention. but let’s leave it for later. as i wrote earlier that it is very difficult to write about this topic something very revealing… but the most important in this all is your response to this article was wise. so a little more time for deeper reflection! this word i didn’t yet know… (mull – to think about a problem for a long time before making a decision) … whether it is also very accurate and profound process of creative thinking that can shake the foundations of our knowledge or only light thoughts!

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