Every Ship That Has Carried Humans Into Space, In One Chart

This is pretty cool.  A Reddit user put together a chart showing all the human occupied spacecraft that have been used so far.  Click through to see the full sized version.

via Every Ship That Has Carried Humans Into Space, In One Chart.

One thing that stands out for me is how huge the Saturn V was, showing just how much power is need to send humans into deep space.  Or how large the Space Shuttle was in relation to all the other spacecraft, mostly related to its cargo section.  Or how big the International Space Station is in relation to everything that’s come before, including Mir.

It would’ve been nice to have seen likely future craft like the Orion capsule and its Space Launch System, or SpaceX’s Dragon capsule on this, for comparison.

9 thoughts on “Every Ship That Has Carried Humans Into Space, In One Chart

  1. They used to say the Saturn V was the most powerful machine ever built (not sure if that’s still true, but it would certainly still be a contender). Standing next to one is… impressive.

    There are some great NASA clips from cameras placed at various places around the launch tower. Below is one of my favorites — be sure to listen to the narration!

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    1. Very cool! In retrospect, scrapping the Saturn V to build the Shuttle was a massive boondoggle. I sometimes wonder where the space program would be if Nasa had continued fine tuning and improving the Apollo / Saturn V technologies.

      The new Space Launch System is supposed to give us a heavy lift capability again. I hope it performs.


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