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xkcd: Spacecraft and launch vehicle payloads, in horses

  Similar to the relative spacecraft and rocket sizes I linked to the other day, here’s xkcd’s version, in horse units.  At first I thought he was referring to horsepower, but then I realized it was horse mass.  (Click through … Continue reading

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Every Ship That Has Carried Humans Into Space, In One Chart

This is pretty cool.  A Reddit user put together a chart showing all the human occupied spacecraft that have been used so far.  Click through to see the full sized version. via Every Ship That Has Carried Humans Into Space, In One … Continue reading

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Reusable rockets: Up and down and up again

A while back I highlighted SpaceX’s reusable first stage.  Last week, they launched with it with the plan to have it do a controlled descent into the waters off Cape Canaveral.  I haven’t been able to find detailed reports of … Continue reading

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The hard working but unloved multi-stage rocket

If you’ve ever read about rocket technology, particularly the issues involved in how much fuel is needed to get somewhere, you quickly run into a stark reality.  The payload, the part of the rocket that you want to get somewhere, … Continue reading

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The Dream Chaser: What the Space Shuttle should have been

This video shows the Dream Chaser spacecraft.  Similar to the old Space Shuttle, it glides down to Earth, although it’s a much smaller vehicle, and would launch on top of a rocket rather than the dangerous side mount that the … Continue reading

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