xkcd: Spacecraft and launch vehicle payloads, in horses


Similar to the relative spacecraft and rocket sizes I linked to the other day, here’s xkcd’s version, in horse units.  At first I thought he was referring to horsepower, but then I realized it was horse mass.  (Click through for full sized version.)

via xkcd: Payloads.

It’s worth noting how large the Saturn V and planned SLS Block 2 rockets loom in their payload capacities.  And how much heavy lift capability we gave up when we discontinued the Saturn V in the 70s.

8 thoughts on “xkcd: Spacecraft and launch vehicle payloads, in horses

      1. Munroe is, hands down, my favorite webcomic artist. (There’s a lesser-known comic that, for me, sometimes competes: Abstruse Goose, but he’s nowhere near as prolific (especially lately) — some real gems in his archive, though.) As much as I love SMBC, it’s a runner-up to those two.


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