RIP, Leonard Nimoy

As a Star Trek fan, I’m saddened to hear that the person I’ve always seen as the face of that franchise is gone. But I take consolation from the fact that he did live long and prosper.


He passed away today at 83.Here’s the New York Times obituary. Doubt there are many people in the world who were so plainly and simply admired as he was, and is.

And rather than to be entirely sad about the end of a life lived well and prosperously, here’s a couple of music videos for you.

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. We are, will always be, your friends.

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2 thoughts on “RIP, Leonard Nimoy

  1. A cultural icon, ensconced in the Smithsonian, instantly recognized (and beloved) to people all around the world. Not bad for what really amounts to three years work! What I always liked was the pair I Am Not Spock [1975] and I Am Spock [1995]. In fact the latter just clarifies the former (which wasn’t a denial in the first place), but the titles always struck me as cute. Kind of like a pair of Alan Dean Foster short story collections: With Friends Like These… [1977] and …Who Need Enemies? [1984]. 🙂

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