SMBC: Apologies by discipline


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via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Anyway, apologies are an evolutionary survival mechanism and therefore just an illusion.


9 thoughts on “SMBC: Apologies by discipline

  1. The usual awesomeness. I only wish there was an Eastern Philosophy one; it would be like the Philosophy one, but would include something along the lines of “Since the you that is upset and the me that upset you don’t exists, then this upset doesn’t exist”.


      1. Indeed. Just last week I skimmed through an article about a new analysis of “The Prisoners Dilemma” that — assuming it holds up — may be a speed bump for those seeking to use game theory for moral grounding. I don’t know much about G/T, but it seems yet another area of science where even the real experts see it differently.

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    1. Math: How about we just put a little “i” at the end of this contradiction and call it resolved?

      (That one is a bit of an inside joke that refers to imaginary numbers.)

      And for good measure, statistics: According to a survey of twenty white college students, my standard deviation is not statistically significant.

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        1. I don’t know. I think “i” is pretty magical!

          And while twenty white college students may lie and cheat on their economics exams, and while they may use their statistics to do more lying and cheating later in life, their knowledge of standard deviation is unparalleled.

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