Happy Thanksgiving!

Today in the US is Thanksgiving Day.  If you’re somewhere where this is being celebrated, I hope you have a great holiday.  If you’re somewhere where it’s not being celebrated, have a great Thursday.

As someone who isn’t inclined to gratitude toward an apparently uncaring universe, my thanks tend to go to friends, family, and colleagues who make my life better.  I very much include my online friends in that circle, who enrich my life substantially.  Thank you!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must journey to where I will indulge in hedonistic overeating, followed by a likely collapse into unconsciousness while everyone else watches football.


9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. About the uncaring universe bit… Yeah, I often feel thankful or grateful for various circumstances in my life or abilities or whatever, and I wonder if such “gratitude” makes sense without a target. It’s kind of confusing. What are helpful and honest attitudes about such things? How “should” we feel? (As much as that may or may not make sense as a question.)

    I’m interested in anyone’s thoughts. 🙂

    And happy Thanksgiving.


    1. I think it’s very much a philosophical decision. I feel grateful to people, whether it be people who’ve personally helped me or my friends and family, people who have put forth a lot of effort to improve the human condition, or just people doing a good job to keep things running well.

      Despite what I said in the post, I actually have no problem expressing generic gratitude without specifying all of those people every time. Of course, without that specification, some people may read into such a statement their own religious or philosophical beliefs, but always adding qualifications to prevent that is too tedious, at least for me.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving/Thursday – we traveled(not too far), ate good food and caught up with family – home again now, had a snack … and now I’m going to sleep 🙂 Hope you enjoyed yours!


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