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Push back against AI alarmism

We’re finally starting to see some push back against the AI (artificial intelligence) alarmism that has been so prevalent in the media lately.  People like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Max Tegmark, and many others have sounded the alarm.  Given my … Continue reading

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Human level AI is always 20 years in the future

Steven Pinker highlighted this study which tracks the predictions of when human level AI (artificial intelligence) will be achieved.  According to the paper, the predictions cluster around predicting that it will be achieved in 15-25 years, and they have been doing so for … Continue reading

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The movie ‘Interstellar’ and wormholes

The other day, I did a post on interstellar exploration which linked to one by Sten Odenwald on the problems with interstellar travel.  Well, he posted some follow-up remarks, expressing some surprise at the response, doubling down on the aspects of the limitations of … Continue reading

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Reaching the stars will require serious out-of-the-box thinking

Sten Odenwald, an astronomer with the National Institute of Aerospace, has an article up at HuffPost that many will find disheartening: The Dismal Future of Interstellar Travel | Dr. Sten Odenwald. I have been an avid science fiction reader all my life, but as … Continue reading

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Transforming ourselves takes a lot less energy than terraforming Mars

Popular Science has a brief article laying out the three steps to terraform Mars. The recipe for creating a habitable planet turns out to be surprisingly simple: Just add water—and atmospheric gases. Mars has both, relics from four billion years … Continue reading

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xkcd: Rocket Packs

I have to say that I’ve wondered about this one myself. via xkcd: Rocket Packs.

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I Was Promised Flying Cars – NYTimes.com

AS an astronomy-obsessed kid in the 1970s, I subsisted on a steady diet of science fiction. It promised a future filled with technological wonders: talking computers, bionic limbs, flying cars. Forty years later, though much of that future has arrived, … Continue reading

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The Singularity Is Further Than It Appears – Charlie’s Diary

Are we headed for a Singularity? Is it imminent? I write relatively near-future science fiction that features neural implants, brain-to-brain communication, and uploaded brains. I also teach at a place called Singularity University. So people naturally assume that I believe … Continue reading

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Deep history, and deep future?

John Schellenberg has an article up on Aeon noting that, while we seem to have no problem accepting deep time in the past, there isn’t much discussion of deep future, that is, the future millions or billions of years in the … Continue reading

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For interstellar travel, transmission is much cheaper

It will always be a lot cheaper to send a radio signal to an interstellar destination than any kind of physical presence.  Our discussion the other day on the difficulties of interstellar travel left me pondering this, something that is … Continue reading

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