Existential comics: How philosophy gets made

I would have just shared this on Twitter, but it seemed relevant to our conversation on the ‘Philosophy that ignores science‘ thread, that I decided to highlight on the blog.  Click through to read the whole thing.

via existentialcomics.com/comic/14

3 thoughts on “Existential comics: How philosophy gets made

  1. The remaining 10% is from recycled sources. Actually, it’s all recycled, it’s just too nasty to show that remainder on camera. Kind of like drinking your own urine.

    You mention twitter, but I see nowhere to find your handle. Where is this font of brief, insightful quips, that I might follow?


    1. Well, I may disappoint on the brief insightful part, but I am finding it a useful place to share things I find interesting but don’t necessarily have comments for.

      My account is @SelfAwarePatter. On the full version of my site, there’s also a twitter feed in the side bar. Just followed you 🙂


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