The web is 25 years old!

The Guardian has a nice article up about the web, its creation, and its creator Tim Berners-Lee, who I think it’s definitely accurate now to call Johannes Gutenberg‘s heir.

It sprang from the brain of one man, Tim Berners-Lee, and is the fastest-growing communication medium of all time. A quarter-century on, we examine how the web has transformed our lives

via 25 things you might not know about the web on its 25th birthday | Technology | The Observer.

It’s hard to believe that the web is 25 years old.  I still remember my first experience with it in the early 90s using our school’s primitive Unix text based browser, then later Compuserve‘s still primitive but graphic browser.  (I wasn’t one of the cool people who started with Mosaic.)

Interestingly, this anniversary reminds me of another internet protocol which died out and was forgotten long ago: gopher.  It was another navigation framework, although more structured than the web, that I used for a year or so before the web.  For a brief shining period, it was the easiest way to access the internet before the web completely eclipsed it.

Bizarrely, one of the first websites I ever navigated to with the Compuserve browser was by a woman with a large number of cats, of which she had cataloged with pictures and names.  This was very early in the web, so she must have had a lot of technical knowledge, but I remember how much it clearly presaged the period we were entering where anyone could publish anything, and how revolutionary that would be.

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